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Titan: Cassandra vs. Hazelcast persistence benchmark

Originally posted on Matt Pouttu-Clarke's Blog:
10 node load test comparison using Amazon EC2 SSD-based instances.  1 billion vertices and 1 billion edges processed for each test run.  Used the titan-loadtest project to run each test. Method Experiment maximizes data locality by co-locating load generation, Titan graph database, and Cassandra/Hazelcast within the same JVM…

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A Pure Bash Wait Bar: make your Wait Time a fancy time

Example of Bash Progress Bar Problem How many times did you feel that something was not happening? Or simply, that your wait was not controllable? Such scenario happens systematically whenever in one of the Bash scripts used to automate tasks, a wait time is not properly represented, or even displayed: processes stop their output silently,… Continue reading A Pure Bash Wait Bar: make your Wait Time a fancy time

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Floating point math operations in bash

Originally posted on Phoxis:
When writing scripts in bash, sometimes we need to work with basic math functions. Like the trigonometric functions, square root, cube root, logarithms. Bash does not support floating point operations. This is where the problem is encountered, and we cannot write a math function of our own. There must be a…