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Scaling to Thousands of Threads

Knot is a network server as well as Haboob. The difference is the concurrency model: Knot is thread-based, instead Haboob is event-based [9]. Clearly, from the benchmark results, the poll()/epoll() mechanism is a serious bottleneck as soon as the number of active concurrent clients become relevant (in the specific case, at 16384 clients the trashing… Continue reading Scaling to Thousands of Threads

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Lessons learned from the field: listen your Stakeholders

Engineers with leadership roles supposedly work with stakeholders to collect requirements and then lead the developments accordingly. Often, the set of stakeholders and requirements are not clearly defined and Engineers struggle to lead effectively the efforts in the right direction, within the expected timeframe. Such struggles, not rarely, bring to failures: how many times a… Continue reading Lessons learned from the field: listen your Stakeholders