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Scaling to Thousands of Threads

Knot is a network server as well as Haboob. The difference is the concurrency model: Knot is thread-based, instead Haboob is event-based [9]. Clearly, from the benchmark results, the poll()/epoll() mechanism is a serious bottleneck as soon as the number of active concurrent clients become relevant (in the specific case, at 16384 clients the trashing… Continue reading Scaling to Thousands of Threads

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Dense Virtualization via Linux Containers

We are living the era of buzzwords, and Docker is for sure one of those in the technological landscape. Docker has a common sense definition: hypervisor-free virtualization. In other terms: running VMs without any hypervisor-based virtualization support. Now, how is this possible? What is the arcane trick to achieving that? Let’s live a short journey… Continue reading Dense Virtualization via Linux Containers